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I'm Robert...

I’m a Broadway performer, director/choreographer, and founder of The Broadway Collective.

At age 7, I told my mom I wanted to be on Broadway. After earning my BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Michigan and performing in 5 Broadway musicals, I am now training the next generation of Broadway performers.

People ask me how we get our students results.

It’s simple: coach them to be the hardest worker by connecting them with the people they aspire to be.
What is the Broadway Collective?

At the Broadway Collective, we are training the next generation of Broadway artists.

Our students succeed in the competitively rigorous high school and college application and audition process, land roles, and network with the industry's leading experts. We have a 97% success rate of our students being accepted into top BFA Musical Theatre college degree programs.

Featuring a star-studded faculty of Broadway performers, directors, and choreographers, our curriculum-based approach uses both online + interactive training, letting us coach students all over the globe and help them reach the the goals they want to achieve.

Our Students

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How We Get Our Students Results

Connect them with Broadway Now
We make the Broadway performers they idolize their mentors and coaches. Every week, our students get online masterclasses, Q&As, and private critiques.
Structure + Accountability
As Broadway’s only curriculum-based training program, each of our programs has a syllabus, coursebook, and community hosted on the leading online learning software trusted by school boards nationwide.
No Sugar-Coating
Tell the truth: you’re not a star, boo. You’ve got work to do. Broadway's biggest names will be coaching you. To get where you say you want to go, we have to give it to you straight.
Squad Goals
You are the company you keep. In your local community, you are the only high achiever ready for more. Here, you find your people and a new level of work ethic with a family that celebrates excellence.
Our Programs
  • Hello Broadway is our popular year-round online academy.
    Take your skills and confidence to the next level with weekly training + feedback from your Broadway coaches–all from your smartphone or computer.

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  • Gathered is our star-studded, week-long, butt-kicking summer intensive.
    Train for 5 days with award-winning Broadway directors, choreographers, casting directors, and agents. This isn't summer camp–it's a game changer.

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  • Prescreen Prep is the college audition package for high school seniors.
    Get private coaching, professional styling, audition taping, and a headshot session in NYC–giving you a leg up in the competitive BFA prescreen process.

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  • Hello Broadway Live brings our Musical Theatre masterclass to your city.
    You'll be coached by Broadway pros on the Vocal, Dance, and Acting material assigned to you leading up to the full day Live Experience.

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  • Real talk:

    If your dream is to be on Broadway, why wouldn’t you choose coaches who are actually on Broadway?

    When you train with The Broadway Collective, you’ll get the kind of artistic mentorship and coaching that can only come from real-world experience.

    Our BFA and MFA-holding Broadway performers, talent agents, directors, stage managers and other world-renowned industry experts will offer weekly feedback on your signing, acting and dancing skills progression. If your dream is to be on Broadway then train with Broadway.

    Our Recent Faculty

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    Director/Choreographers / Directors / Broadway Performers / Talent Agents + Managers / Music Directors / Dance Captains / Casting Directors

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